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Leading Edge Coaching & Consulting started as the “next act” in the career of its founder, Jeff Roth.

Leading Edge provides leadership and career coaching programs for mid-to senior level professionals who want to improve their performance, lead more effectively, and achieve more with less stress so they are prepared to succeed and advance in their careers.

Our coaching programs focus on closing the GAPS between where you are now and what matters. More importantly, we tackle this from both your perspective and that of others:

How do we do this? It starts by identifying what is holding you back from being the leader you want to be or making the career change you want to make:

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Meet Jeff Roth

I had a few great managers and mentors along the way during my corporate career. They seemed to have this sixth sense intuition about how to motivate and inspire me, assign responsibilities that were challenging but didn’t leave me feeling unsupported, champion my successes, and have my back if things went sideways.

And they weren’t this way only with me. It was how they were with their entire team. They were magnets for talent. They consistently attracted the best people - it seemed like everyone wanted to network with them, join their teams, and follow them when they moved on.

You know how it feels to work with someone like this. Empowering. Engaging. Sustaining.

And, like many of you, I had more managers who were the opposite of this. Exacting. Draining. Exhausting.

As my responsibilities and mandates grew, I tried to exemplify as many of these leaders’ traits as I could to scale myself while building a high-performing and engaged team. Leading and growing a high-performing team was the part of my role that appealed the most to me as opposed to the nuts and bolts of my job as a finance leader.

This is what led me to pivot to coaching after a 30+ year career in finance in both the telecommunications and financial services industries. I knew that I wanted to be for others the kind of career resource I would want to have myself.

Looking back now, I believe that my experiences working with those few great managers planted the seed that ultimately led me into coaching.

I moved headlong into this, gaining my certification as a professional coach while starting a first-of-its-kind in-house performance and career coaching practice for the Merrill Lynch finance team at Bank of America. Knowing that I wanted to do this full-time led me to branch out and join a boutique executive and career coaching firm in New York City.

I was keen on learning and growing, while also building confidence and clarity in what it meant to be a coach. The experience and insights I gained into coaching as well as myself ultimately led me in taking the big step to go out and launch my own practice, Leading Edge Coaching & Consulting.

When I’m not coaching, you’ll often find me behind the lens of my digital camera. I love travel and nature photography, which I dove into for our trips to South Africa, Greece, Costa Rica, and the US Southwest. I’m a re-beginning guitarist, picking it up again during the pandemic after many, many years away from it. And, I’m a road and gravel cyclist. Gravel is a recent addition to my biking. I enjoy the escape from traffic and the slower pace, which brings a whole new experience to my rides.