"With competition being keener than ever, I knew it was essential for my team and me to be more open to change. For us to execute the best strategic path for our company, we needed a leadership development partner to help us improve how we build alignment and increase engagement around major initiatives.

Jeff helped us see where we really are as leaders. We discovered how to leverage our strengths more effectively while also shoring up and minimizing weaknesses.

One of the biggest changes we experienced came from pulling back on delivering solutions and mandating steps for staff to take. We instead increased their participation and involvement in decision-making, listening to them more attentively and partnering on goals and approaches that they own instead of feeling like steps were forced upon them.

This led to a marked increase in productivity and much more comprehensive plans for this year and beyond.

In turn, this freed us up to focus more on solving the big-picture and strategic challenges facing our company.

Jeff asks great, thought-provoking questions in a way that does not make you defensive but instead lets you learn about yourself. Very few people can do that. It allows you to be reflective and, more importantly, learn."

Joel Oxley

SVP & General Manager

Hubbard Broadcasting | Washington, DC

“After landing a dream opportunity as a CFO, I knew before I stepped in the door it would take a new set of skills and behaviors to succeed. I believed in myself and that I could do it, but I just couldn’t find the resources to do it quickly and effectively. Reading articles and books was helpful but slow and time consuming and my social network didn’t include the skills I needed... I needed a high impact coach to help me focus, identify blind spots, and get me out of my comfort zone.

Jeff’s coaching and style is rock solid on its own merits, but the tools and tips he has accumulated is an accelerator to high impact results. The Hogan Assessment and Energy Leadership tools are foundations I will continue to build on in the future. These tools accelerate the “getting to know you” aspect of coaching with Jeff and helped hone my focus areas together. The biggest success of my executive coaching was rediscovering my confidence in a new way that helped a better version of myself show up in a more powerful way.

While I worked with Jeff for his coaching approach in the midst of a CFO transition, I was surprised to find how the principles and tactics had spillover benefits to family life. Conversations with my kids helped me discover how I could be a better listener and coach to them, and with my wife in drawing parallels from executive coaching to parenting - it was great!”

Chief Financial Officer

Family & Social Services

Baltimore, Maryland

"As my Executive Leadership Program comes to an end - I just want to reach out to sincerely thank you for all your help and coaching. It was honestly the highlight of this course for me. You have not only instilled in me a higher level of confidence but have also provided me with concrete mechanisms to address my hesitations and most importantly, have heightened my fulfillment in my role as a leader."

Pediatric Oncologist & Chief, Pediatric Translational Medicine Service

Oncology & Healthcare

New York

"I entered my coaching engagement with Leading Edge at a transitional point in my career; feeling blind to navigating to the next level. Jeff helped me distill the areas that were holding me back and how to break down the barriers to my career progression.

He deeply analyzed data from 360 reviews and my leadership profile survey to provide valuable and actionable insights that bore fruits immediately. Specifically, we discussed how to effectively leverage my strengths, not over rely on them, and how to minimize my weaknesses.

He challenged me how to think about my issues, providing just the right amount of guidance so that I could arrive at my solutions. Overall, my leadership coaching sessions with Jeff have been precious in helping me achieve clarity on how to transition to the next level of my career."

Head of Advanced Analytics & Economics

Consumer Technology & IT Services

New York City

"Working with Leading Edge has been a transformative experience and I HIGHLY recommend Jeff Roth. I initially started working with him with the hopes of learning a few tips for how to grow in my career in the technology industry. I was pleasantly surprised with how much I learned around how to evolve my mindset and overall how I approach my work. Jeff has worked in the corporate world and was able to empathize with me and give an outside perspective for how to navigate challenges to move forward.

Jeff helped me completely re-frame my mindset, realize how my own limiting beliefs were holding me back, and gave me tactical frameworks for how to overcome and be successful in certain situations.

I wholeheartedly endorse Jeff and I know he will help you realize those unknown unknowns - things you didn’t even realize you needed to work on that can help you unlock something that will propel you to the next level of your career journey."

Devin Skolnick

Senior Product Manager

LinkedIn | New York

“Jeff has been an invaluable resource to me in my career transition journey. When we began working together, I knew I needed help in achieving my professional goals but was unclear on how working with a coach would advance those results. The impact became very clear after my initial sessions with Jeff.

Jeff’s program provided me with self-management tools to better understand myself and my goals. I was able to reframe my mindset from “what’s wrong with me?” to “what’s right for me?”

Jeff’s approach and practical tips for helping me learn how my energy is fundamental to how I show up and do everything helped me shift my mindset to reinvigorate my resume, present my value proposition and best self to prospective employers, and maximize my impact in interviews.

I look forward to continuing to work with Jeff as I transition into my new role and building on the tools and partnership we have developed to this point. I would recommend him to anyone looking to make a meaningful career change!”

Executive Director

FX Sales

New York, New York

"Jeff's passion for his work shines through in the meticulous attention and consideration he puts into everything he does. Jeff possesses a unique blend of kindness and patience while maintaining a firm resolve to ensure you confront challenging questions.

Engaging in the coaching program with Jeff was enlightening; it allowed me to gain profound insights about myself. The concepts I absorbed during this experience remain a constant reference point as I strive to harmonize my actions with my authentic self and future aspirations.

Jeff's expertise is exceptional, and without reservation, I wholeheartedly endorse him to anyone seeking invaluable coaching assistance. His professionalism and adeptness in providing the necessary tools make him a standout, pushing you to overcome your limits. Much gratitude to you, Jeff!"

Rahwa Berhe

Founder | Managing Director | Advisor

New York, New York

“Today, I finished my last leadership coaching session with Leading Edge! After Jeff's coaching, I know what direction I will go as a leader since he has rewritten my mindset. I am grateful for his personalized attention and support throughout our coaching relationship. His focus on my specific needs and challenges has made all the difference in my leadership journey.”

Ying Zhang

Manager of Commercial Training

Gen-Script | New Jersey

"My goal was to land a new job, and I was looking for a leadership and career coach who could help me during the entire process, from resume building to interviewing to evaluating opportunities.

Jeff invested the time to get to know my strengths and weaknesses, so he could tailor his guidance to my specific needs. He came well-prepared to our periodic meetings with probing questions that made me better understand myself. Ultimately, he helped me develop and effectively communicate my unique value proposition, allowing me to "show-up" at interviews with my best self."

Andrew Greenberg

Senior Vice President, Finance

National Mortgage Insurance | New York

“I’m having a great week where a lot of dots are connecting, especially after our session this week which was just in time to really take advantage of being able to connect deeply with senior leadership meetings. I was able to internalize how leadership style is a unique fingerprint that I’m doubling down on - this gave me a feeling of confidence and ability to be more myself and grounded.

Coming from a place of accepting myself and the moment made me a better leader over the past few days, opening up key new doors. I was able to see opportunities that I wouldn’t have seen without examining and changing my response to situations. I’m very excited about it, and feel much more wise than just a few months ago. Whatever it is, the way you tell your story online can make all the difference.”

Product Director


New York, New York

“Jeff was a great coaching fit for me, and I’m so grateful for the discussions we had throughout the past several months. Jeff has deep enterprise & corporate expertise, and knows how to navigate not only the problems I shared surface level, but also to dig into the subcontext and point out things I didn’t even see myself.

He has a lot of great frameworks that make it easy to take back and apply immediately. He helped me develop into a better coach-like leader myself, and empowered me to completely shift the dynamics with many of my team members. I’ll be able to take these learnings forward - thank you Jeff for upleveling my leadership capabilities! ”

Head of Marketing Strategy & Operations

Internet Tech Service

Sunnyvale, California

“I had the absolute pleasure of working with Jeff Roth as my executive coach. Going into our partnership, I had my own perceptions of what I thought I needed from a Coach. I wanted Jeff to come in on day 1 and gift me with a playbook of how to get from Point A to B in my career. Instead, Jeff started by asking me simple, yet thoughtful questions that flipped my conventional wisdom on its head of what effective coaching looks like. I’m so thankful for this approach.

Through our conversations, Jeff helped me dissect my career priorities and discover a renewed energy to go out and practice daily habits that shape my effectiveness as a leader and how my colleagues view my strengths. His Leading Edge philosophies gave me tangible frameworks to implement guiding principles on my energy presence in a room or meeting and how I listen and ask more empowering questions in conversation.

Overall, my confidence as a leader improved greatly throughout our time together. Jeff’s open and honest approach allowed me to gain levels of self-awareness in 3 months that could have taken years without his help. If you’re looking to learn more about yourself in an engaging, insightful, and fun environment, look no further than Jeff Roth and the Leading Edge program.”

Customer Success Manager and D & I Champion

Tech Sector

Lincoln, Nebraska

“Jeff has the gift of incisive insights, patience, and the ability to highlight blindspots. I worked with two great coaches before I met Jeff, so the bar was high. Jeff helped me gain self-awareness through a combination of discussions and assessments and helped increase my effectiveness by working on the fundamentals of my personality to improve my performance in dealing with challenging situations. I recommend Jeff with confidence. He is one of the best in the business.”

Chief Financial Officer

Internet Publishing & SEO

New York, New York

“Today was an incredible session! Despite still recovering from an intense road accident, Jeff showed up fully and helped me make several breakthroughs including shifting my mindset from one rooted in fear to adopting an opportunity mindset. He walked me through a somatic exercise to identify where in my body my stress/anxiety shows up and gave a practical tool for resetting and breaking through Energy level 1 to operating at Energy levels 5-6.

Tremendously grateful for this session, Jeff’s expertise and deep listening skills. He was able to get to the root of my negative thinking patterns and offer an approach that’s actionable and most importantly works.”

Senior Manager for Diversity, Inclusion, & Belonging

Information Technology


“Jeff is an excellent coach who prioritizes collaboration and the success of others above all. Jeff’s professional style centers around a methodical approach and genuine enthusiasm for his work. He has a sharp eye for detail and cultivates a positive coaching experience for his clients, bringing a refreshing combination of insightfulness and effectiveness. He helps people he coaches discover elements in their style and approach they might not discover otherwise.

Jeff’s coaching style is thoughtful, collaborative, and focused on the big picture with the end goal in sight. He quickly zeros in on the high-value elements in a project and works to help clients realize above-and-beyond results tailored to these objectives.

Jeff is committed, invested in the success of others, and clearly cares about creating value. He brings energy and open-mindedness to his work and goes the extra mile to help his clients succeed.

Overall, an excellent coach who is committed to delivering above-and-beyond results.”

Director of Strategy

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

New Jersey

“I approached my coaching sessions with Jeff feeling that I would get a lot of advice from someone with a lot of life experience. What I didn’t realize was that there was also a self-discovery, self-reflection, and self-healing element to our work.

I wanted to improve my strategy on how to lead, but I didn’t know how to get there. I had been using a similar approach to work and leadership for a few years in an unstainable manner, and realized that by doing the same things in the same way I would either feel stuck and/or start to harbor a sense of resentment.

Jeff is great at asking questions, and asks questions in different ways to get to the heart of an issue. He is flexible in a meeting when he realizes there may be more impactful things that is worthy of more in-depth discussion. I enjoyed working through the supplemental material because it brought about greater awareness of different ways/levels in which we can operate not only at work, but also in our daily lives.

I am feeling more confident in my abilities to perform my job at a higher capacity, and am able to start seeing more possibilities for what my team and I can achieve together. I also started to realize that a lot of our inner-work exercises have transformative power in sparking change within a team and within an organization.”

Sr. Research Scientist

Biotech Research

Alberta, Canada

“I worked with Jeff to continue developing my leadership capability after going through an extensive leadership program sponsored by my company. Jeff is a great coach; he helped me to see myself more objectively and identify areas needed improvements and fine tuning. He provided me with great tools and framework to assess my leadership style and approach and gave good recommendations on how I can improve! His advice will serve me well as I continue to climb the leadership ladder.”

Sr. Finance Director

Financial Services

New York City

“I recently worked with Jeff while going through the process of starting my own business, and the experience was absolutely invaluable. Jeff held me accountable, helped me get clarity on my mission and values, and pushed me to be more confident in my sales process.

He has an unparalleled talent among the many, many coaches that I know for getting right to the heart of an issue, and he helped me to navigate several difficult situations I likely would have avoided on my own. Thanks to Jeff’s guidance and partnership, I’ve been able to grow my business to surpass my salary at my old company in less than a quarter.

I HIGHLY recommend Jeff to anyone looking to gain an edge in their career.”

CEO & Business Owner

Operations & Automation Service Consulting


“Working with Jeff is the best investment I made as I work on my career development and transition.
I came to Jeff to gain clarity about what direction to take my career and, importantly, to clarify and articulate my personal mission in order to align my professional path with my calling. After years of trying this on my own, I was hesitant about how realistic it would be for a coach (whom I never met) to help me reach this goal in just a few months.

And then I met Jeff, who peeled off layers of self-doubt and widened my constricted vision to become unstuck. Jeff is supportive, authentic, compassionate, empathetic, motivational, action-oriented, and open minded. He is also a master listener, who can help you unravel and distill a cat’s-cradle of thoughts.

Each conversation gently, but firmly, guided me closer to clarifying my vision and uncovered a range of equally plausible scenarios of where I can take myself. He also provided valuable, practical guidance on tactical goals, including resumes, cover letters, and general communication strategies with potential employers. If you want to become unstuck, work with Jeff.”

Education & Philanthropy Executive

New York

“It was an absolute pleasure working with Jeff! Jeff is a patient and highly insightful executive coach who helps identify approaches to gaining efficiency in business, identifying personal and professional blind spots, and addressing internal and external blockages. My work with Jeff has — undoubtedly — led to tremendous improvement in my performance today, and has given me a lot of things to consider for future growth! I highly recommend partnering with Jeff!”

Managing Director

Immigration Law Firm

San Francisco and Toronto

“Jeff was caring, understanding, and engaging. He helped me push through blockers and think differently about specific situations in order to set myself on the right course. His organizational program helped me organize my tasks and priorities for professional and personal use.”

Sr. Partnerships Manager

Tech & Business Consulting


“My time working with Jeff was transformative both professionally and personally. He taught me to look at all of the competing responsibilities in my life and break them down to specific tasks, categorized by urgency, and assess the time/effort involved in tackling each one. He also taught me how to make certain tasks fit within my schedule instead of constantly being controlled by the latest fire drill. These tools provided me with the necessary framework to find the proper balance I was lacking and enabled me to treat my job, family, and home with equal importance. After several sessions that feeling of constantly being overwhelmed had gone away and I have Jeff to thank for that.”

Finance Director

Wealth Management Services

New York

“Jeff is an excellent career coach, and it was such a pleasure to work with him! Jeff is an expert at helping people realize their professional potential as well as helping you to create a future path for success. Every conversation will Jeff will lead you to a better understanding of yourself along with insight on what changes can be made to become the best version of yourself. Jeff is patient, supportive, and a fantastic listener, which is why I loved working with Jeff and felt comfortable to fully trust him. I highly recommend Jeff as a coach!”


Commodities Development & Recent College Grad

New York