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4D Leadership & Executive CoachingSM

A complete system for building and leveraging your capacity and potential to optimize your performance.

Your ultimate success as a leader comes down to scaling yourself and optimizing the talents of your team.

In other words, it’s about your ability to get the most from your team and yourself. Consistently. Predictably. Reliably.

How well you do this determines your capacity to thrive as a leader by managing and overcoming certain common challenges.

Among these are:

The extent of your success is driven by your leadership potential, which is how well you build and lead teams that:

  • Perform at high levels sustainably
  • Deliver results in all situations regardless of circumstances or conditions

Leaders maximize their potential by:

  • Achieving influence and building presence in a matrixed or highly political organization
  • Developing and maintaining effective relationships with senior leadership and colleagues
  • Building resilience in their teams while also motivating and inspiring them
  • Making the right decisions confidently in the face of uncertainty
  • Prioritizing actions, securing resources, and managing conflicts
  • Listening, communicating, and delegating effectively

The key to maximizing leadership potential is increasing a leader’s Emotional Intelligence (EQ). Becoming a high EQ leader involves focusing on improving performance in five interdependent behavioral areas:

And that’s precisely the focus of
4D Leadership & Executive CoachingSM by Leading Edge.

Here’s how it works

DISCOVER What Makes You Tick:

  • Learn which behaviors enhance your potential or derail your performance
  • Understand how your motivators and values impact your leadership focus
  • Know the inner and outer factors that enhance or inhibit your ability to excel

DIFFERENTIATE Your Performance:

  • Improve active communication and listening
  • Build robust self and situational awareness and gain resilience
  • Develop your plan, focus on mastery, and craft your Personal Success Formula


  • Develop your authentic leadership style
  • Lead fearlessly and perform confidently in new situations, even without experience
  • Incorporate resilience to bounce back from adversity or setbacks

DELIVER Your Full Potential:

  • Ignite versatility and creativity to drive results
  • Adopt and embody a growth mindset
  • Perform consistently at high levels in all situations and conditions

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4D Leadership & Executive Coaching begins with the Hogan Personality Assessment

a research-based tool that reveals your day-to-day strengths, the aspects of your strengths and behaviors you might overplay when under stress, as well as your values and motivators. These results build awareness and identify gaps between your self-perception and how others view your leadership effectiveness and leadership style.

4D Leadership & Executive Coaching leverages concepts from
COR.E Leadership Dynamics™

a powerful system for optimizing your performance as a leader by increasing your capacity to deepen engagement and bring about change with greater ease and less stress.

We create a well-rounded and comprehensive leadership action plan to increase your focus and make decisions more confidently. You grow in your capacity as a leader, deal effectively with adversity and change, inspire your team, and keep your motivation high in all settings while developing robust situational and self-awareness.

To get started or to ask any questions about 4D Leadership & Executive Coaching, click on the link below to book a complimentary Leading Edge Discovery Call.

COR.E Leadership Dynamics™ is a trademark of the Institute for Professional Development in Coaching (iPEC) and based on the work of Bruce D Schneider.

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