Career Transition Coaching

Embarking on a career transition can feel empowering, daunting, or any combination of emotions in-between.

Whether you’re making an internal move within your company, seeking a new role externally, or totally reimagining what an engaging and fulfilling career means to you, there are certain challenges you are likely to face:

When you want support for your job search and career plan, look to 4D Career Transition & Outplacement Coaching by Leading Edge

A tailored, customized program empowering you to identify and land the ideal role that plays to your strengths and aligns with your values.

Here’s how it works:

DISCOVER What Makes You Tick:

  • Learn which behaviors enhance your potential or derail your performance
  • Understand how your values and motivators determine what attracts or disinterests you
  • Know the inner and outer factors that enhance or inhibit your ability to excel

DESIGN Your Path to Success:

  • Gain clarity on your unique attributes to bring authenticity to your career transition
  • Eliminate fear from designing your vision and setting goals
  • Craft your value proposition to convey your personal brand powerfully

DEPLOY Your Action Plan:

  • Connect passion to purpose and create a robust, sustainable action plan
  • Activate your network and develop your outreach strategy
  • Build confidence and develop resilience to preserve and maintain optimism 

DELIVER Your Full Potential:

  • Tell your story powerfully with conviction and resolve
  • Execute your plan intentionally and accountably
  • Keep your engagement high and your focus sharp

Our program helps you develop robust self-awareness through the
Hogan Personality Assessment or the Energy Leadership Index (ELI).

You gain insight into your most important values and motivators, allowing you to assess how well you’ll align with an organization’s culture. You will identify how the behaviors that drive your people skills, work ethic, and learning approach serve you day-to-day and how overplaying these behaviors can derail your performance or damage your reputation.

The robust self-awareness provided by these assessments helps you perform with greater confidence, authenticity, and poise in interviews, network meetings, and other career conversations. You will understand, overcome, and rescript the inner blocks and beliefs that hold you back, keep you playing small, or otherwise distract you from pursuing your goals fearlessly.

With this increased self-awareness and confidence, you’re ready to “tackle the tactical” parts of the job search. You’ll build a powerful LinkedIn profile and resume that will get you noticed and help you stand out from the crowd. You learn how to shine in job interviews (in-person and via video) and convey your value proposition and personal brand with ease and certainty.

You will master building resiliency to sustain your outlook, energy, and mindset through your career transition. And you’ll expand your comfort zone to interview and present yourself fearlessly, avoid common pitfalls, and set yourself up to start strong and ensure success in your new career.

To get started or to find out more about 4D Career Transition & Outplacement Coaching, click on the link below to book a complimentary Leading Edge Discovery Call.

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