Is There a Crisis in Your Leadership Pipeline

Is your company’s or group’s leadership pipeline and next-gen talent prepared to tackle ongoing disruption and future challenges?

With managers grappling with day-to-day challenges and shifting priorities, it’s easy for leadership development to fall off their to-do list.

Providing online courses for employees to take specified hours of self-directed training may be a nice perk to refresh their existing skillset. However, it’s inadequate to shift the needle when it comes to growing leaders.

Warning signs of a leadership pipeline crisis

The reality is, when facing a crisis, organizations often scramble to fill key leadership gaps. When next-gen talent isn’t equipped today to solve next-gen problems, companies conduct time-consuming and costly external searches for leaders who can close those experience and skill gaps.

This frustrates employees who were tapped as “high potential” but told they aren’t “ready-now.” Many vote with their feet and jump to companies with proven success in developing and investing in talent. This results in “brain drain” that further weakens the talent pool of future leaders.

Companies call on us to help them grow “ready-now” leaders and build a robust leadership pipeline. Whether it’s through our Upskilling Sprints, New Leader 90-Day Acceleration Program, or our cohort training on Leadership Essentials, we equip next-generation talent to take on emerging challenges with confidence, resilience, and consistency.

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